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Since we are in business, our team has been constantly growing and developing in our field of activity by hiring competent and passionate people. The expertise of our loyal, devoted and respectful employees generates the trust of our customers from the start. Our greatest pride is related to the realisation of our projects and the trust our numerous customers have in us and it is also a great source of motivation on a daily basis.

Built on solid values and basis, our company is constantly growing. Our commitment is to offer the best service to our customers, this being our main goal. By continuously making the required efforts to offer a safe and appropriate work environment to our employees, this benefits the company as well as our customers. We think that the professional development of our employees within their workplace reflects in the quality of the service we offer. This is a priority for us.

S.C.E. Electric insists on working as a team with our employees and all our collaborators with the objective of offering excellence in all our projects. It is because of the commitment and involvement of every member of our team that we can be proud to offer you excellent services with integrity and transparency by aiming for the highest standards of the industry.

We have been able to bring the company to a higher level thanks to our employees’ contribution, our clients, our major contracts and our publicity. S.C.E. Electric is now part of the top players in our field and we intend to pursue the improvement of our already solid basis for our operations throughout Canada.

I take this opportunity to thank our customers and our faithful employees. We appreciate the trust you have had in us throughout the years and our sincerest thanks for all of you that have allowed us to move ahead.

Enjoy your visit and hoping to meet you soon !

Steve Côté, president

SCE Electric Alberta division

Division SCE Technologies

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For the fourth phase of this prestigious project: Castelnau sur le Parc in Montreal, we are really proud to announce that SCE Electric was selected to perform the electrical work of this project 96 condos. Thank you Dev McGill and Gerpro Construction for your confidence. We put all our energy to earn it.
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